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Poem: I Can't Do It Anymore

Updated on September 25, 2015

by Grace Peterson

What do you do
when everything you believed in,
when everything you thought to be true,
when your hopes and dreams,
were all lies?

When there's nothing left of you,
when they've all let you down,
when you've let yourself down.

What do you do
when your life flips completely upside down
all in one day,
and everything you loved-
everything that made you happy-
turns completely around.
Leaving you in complete frustration,
depressed more and more everyday.

What do you do
when life isn't worth living anymore,
when you just want to get away?
You can't find a way of escape.
When you can't find a single thing
that makes you want to stay
long enough to find out if it gets better
in the future?
When you're left with no more strength
to get up every morning
and just hope for the best
and just make it through it all?

I just
can't do it anymore.

© 2013 Grace Peterson


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