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Poem - It's Payback Time

Updated on December 22, 2015

The need of something summons you from rest.

But, inside your pockets is an empty set.

Therefore, no choice but to ask for help

Since there is none from yourself.

To cry for support is alright;

Just make sure to hold on tight.

Someone will come along and sing your song,

But be sure to be ready for the sound of gong.

That red alert will wake you from sleep,

Will wake you up from sleeping so deep.

This supporter of yours may be kind.

But, listen carefully and don’t be blind!

Every penny you receive counts as loan

And someday, you’ll pay it through your bones!

Wake up! Wake up and see the light.

That supporter’s mind is clever, bright.

Nothing is free and to be grasped in a shopping spree.

Yes, someone will help but will buzz like a bee,

Muttering, “I helped you. I helped, didn’t I?”,

Ending with, “Now is the payback time”.


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    • Sunkesner profile image

      Sunkesner 21 months ago from Philippines

      Thank you! :)

    • Frank Atanacio profile image

      Frank Atanacio 21 months ago from Shelton

      what a dramatic raw read my friend awesome