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Poem : Just an Explanation

Updated on July 27, 2017

Poem : Just an Explanation

This is just an explanation

of my poetry fascination.

I find a true outlet

in my poetry

but I usually need

this outlet the most

when I am mad

or when I am sad,

not as much when I am glad.

So you might approach my writing

somewhat haltingly.

I don't mean to

bring you down

or make you frown

or think that I'm uptight,

but the poetry is not

always a delight.

It's not always light.

Sometimes, it is kind of heavy.

Sometimes, it may seem tragic.

It is what I do though.

The words flow the most

when I'm in a panic.

The words are not

at all static.

Flowing rhymes

during uncertain times

are just in my nature.

So, when you read my writing

you might think,

"this is a downer"

"I better flee"

I can reassure you

that I do

often express glee,

just not typically in my poetry.

This is just an explanation.

Writing poetry has often been key

to my surviving

and even thriving.

When I need a buffer

from the things that

make me suffer,

I turn to loved ones.

Prayer, family,

friends, and poetry

and perhaps

a cup of tea.

This is just an explanation.

The thinking out loud

can contribute significantly

to lifting the clouds

from over my head.

There is no word

left unsaid.

Of course

my poetry

or spoken word

may just be a

work of fiction

but it can also be reflective

of a true experience.

Projecting it is

fortification for my heart.

My poem,

my art.

This is just an explanation.

You might think that

this explanation is not necessary,

that it is just something

that I am doing recreationally.

My poetry,

my hobby


but in many ways,

it does help to

sustain me.

I can not underestimate

the importance of it.


So, please just let me share this.

It was just an explanation.

Copyright - Journey *

Thanks for reading.


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    • Journey * profile image

      Nyesha Pagnou MPH 6 months ago from USA

      Hi Shannon, Thanks so much for commenting on this poem that I've written. I appreciate you expressing your point of view on inspirations for our creative outlets such as poetry and fictional stories.

    • shanmarie profile image

      shanmarie 6 months ago

      You just described me as well and probably a lot of others who write. I most often find myself writing when I need an outlet or when thinking and working through something. Sometimes reflecting in fiction or onthe gives of others, also. Even the inspirational or uplifting poems come from a place of reflection, often after a period of down time. It happens. It is part of life and everyone copes, learns, and grows differently. And I, for one, like that quality in both poetry and music. Know what I mean? The lyrics and words are moving because they are real if they come from a place of experience somehow. You conveyed your intentions clearly here and I am certain many others will also agree with you.