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Poem: Mesmerized and Captured Moments

Updated on June 25, 2017
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Tim Mitchell has been writing poetry since high school. He enjoys exploring them, the many forms, and writing them

A photo is an image, which could be a vision. A vision for the photographer and observer of the photo. They both may be mesmerized.
A photo is an image, which could be a vision. A vision for the photographer and observer of the photo. They both may be mesmerized. | Source

About the Poem

Mesmerize means; “hold the attention of (someone) to the exclusion of all else or so as to transfix them”. Notice, there is not a time limit so it can be moments or who knows how long. A photo is a captured image of one’s mind in a moment. The camera near instant grasps it. Amazing!

It may be seen by another as swift as a startled bunny hopping from a shrub. Those are moments in time. Yet, at the same time faster than a shooting star thought is unleashed while touches on emotion. Mesmerized by the photo above I sought to capture those moments with poetic verse.

Mesmerized and Captured Moments

Quiet waters awakened stirred endless thought and emotion.

A moment,

Arrives mind’s frenzy scattered with reflections seeking,

A moment,

A boat asks to be filled while offers refuge from hectic pace,

A moment,

Mystically the heart beats sharing life’s boundless splendor,

A moment,

A pier asks for children’s laughter as they dive and swim,

A moment,

Strength, courage, wisdom enter new adventures, that lies ahead,

A moment,

Two friends fishing poles in hand drift without anchor seeking dinner,

A moment,

A whisper, subtle voice of nature shares today does offer discovery,

A moment,

Oars grasped with life’s gift of guidance leads onward to serenity,

A moment,

Hushed breath ask notice exuberance of time’s majestic mystery,

A moment,

Row steadily onward toward life’s gifts of hopes led by dreams,

A Moment,

Reflections upon quiet waters brings peace of mind,

A moment.

Thank you and a realization, a moment

Thank you to those who shared moments with this article. I thank the photographer, Sannel Larson, for giving permission to use her photo inspiring the poem. And, I would like to thank HubPage authors at for the photos shared with their articles. I realized each has presented moments of being mesmerized unleashing thought and emotion.

© 2017 Tim Mitchell


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