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Poem: Midnight Sail

Updated on August 5, 2009

I wrote this poem while envisioning a lone journey aboard a canoe across the ocean. A quest toward the new in the face of the insurmountable.

Midnight Sail

Paddling through torrid seas
Into the depths
Under the crescent moon,
Alone aboard this yellow canoe,
Farther into tomorrow’s new I sail,
Leaving behind a wake of tears from a heart squeezed by the hand of loneliness
Searching for an image
Finding clear direction atop the moonlit backs of whales

Under darkness, blanketed by a starlit veil
Pushing through tired strokes
Wincing at thoughts of that which may,
Staring upwards I search for guidance in her memory
A beacon of infinite possibility encircling a diamond sky
The light I breathe from deep deep within the grey

Bewildered by feelings intense
On the deep stroke I feel in pursuit,
As I ride waves further into the shimmering abyss,
Closer towards destiny
The calming memory of a whisper
The sacred bind of a magical kiss,

Resolved that through pain I live
Through pain I die
A chance born new each day again,
This test of courage,
A test of time
As no efforts lost forever
No efforts lost in vain

Paddling forth through waves intense
Through A force all knowing strong & high
I exist within each stroke
As the pulse felt deep deep inside
Because paddling forth it is I
The miss beneath the twinkling of a watchful eye,
It is I the miss asail searching for clarity light
Yet still, in darkness alone,
I cry


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