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Poem : Nothing to Lose

Updated on July 4, 2017

Nothing to lose

Feeling confused

in a nothing to lose

state of mind.

It can make me

More bold.

More brave.

More daring.

There is nothing

to lose after all.

I am ready to gain.

Endure more pain.

Overcome more hurdles.

I lost it all.

I took the fall

so many times before.

So don't let my

nothing to lose

way of thinking

cause you to ask

if I've been drinking.

I'm not a drinker.

I'm just a thinker

that sometimes

gets lost in her thoughts.

I won't take reckless action

but I will take action.

Thinking more.

Doing more.

I'll get it done.

There's nothing to lose.

Copyrighted - Journey *


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