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Poem: One Girl is Never Enough

Updated on January 9, 2014

by Grace Peterson

She locked up her heart
and threw away the key.
Love was NOT an option!
Afraid of what might happen next,
she never let anyone else in
until the day she met the boy
that would show her the meaning of love.

“All you ever do is hurt me,”
she said with tears in her eyes.
“All I ever wanted was to be with you,”
he confesses.
“I love you without a doubt.”
“I doubt.”

Words he said to her
stung like the cold knife against her skin, ready to cut.
It was a stab in the heart.
A feeling she’d never be able to shake.

“Why am I not enough for you?
Why must I give you time
to make someone else feel special,”
she poured her heart out.
“Because one girl is never enough for one boy…”


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