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Twin Hearts

Updated on January 28, 2013
Oscarlites profile image

Oscar has been a lifelong student of human relations, with ongoing reads on positive approach to life and self helps.

Born as lumps of clay, we sought another of the same substance;

Two Hearts, blended blood, dreams crisscrossed together;

Then it mattered only what shape and vague similarities we possessed..

Vessels unformed, un-tempered, no inner-soul vision yet appeared..

No concious control of the fire-forming process,

Flaws and fineness mixed in the same oven of time..

Revealing gestures unlocking the golden in-lights of the soul;

Two hearts welded as one, satisfying loves hungry longing..

Never thought out, never planned, but nonetheless woven together,

Hiding the flaws of the heat process momentarily, forever;

Matching the hearts perfection, one in the other,

Enveloping each souls desire for one of the same..



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