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Updated on April 22, 2014

The Fear Therapy

Welcome Miss Saria Fear,

To the House of Cowards

Where, yellow-bellied like yourself flutter

Meek souls and lily-livered are applauded

Bitten nails are sublime

Shrivelled lips, picturesque

Please familiarise yourself with some of our popular packages:

The barbaric mouths;

Piously describe aloud your foul, inadequate silhouette

A sensitive motion sensor

Laugh you away to tears

Consume your sanity

The mocking eyes;

Scan your chicken presence, inside out

Make you: detest your reflection

Shed a few veins

Mask yourself-hidden to safety

Oh! And the ungoverned emotions;

Yes! One slip and your china heart shattered

Blue brain dismantled

Existence numb

Eyes soaked

It's all a wonderful experience really!

There is the supreme one- Failure;

Creative fluids frozen

Large eyes, hollow sockets

Limbs, paralysed

The aspiration box, wrecked;

Seized by the risk calculator

What will they think?

What will they say?

What if?

Hands too sweaty to write

Voice too shaky to utter

Face too flushed to expose

Ultimately, you will enter the Grand room of Despair;

To be exposed to the epitomised rays of the above therapies

The intense indecent exposure will commemorate the release of courage

For it is despair that gives courage to a coward.

Vote, what is your worst fear?

What is your worst fear?

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