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The chosen electric Bee, a poem

Updated on April 19, 2014

The Chosen Electric Bee

I am The electric Bee

Drilling my distinct path through the solid air

Detached from the rest

Resonating at my sole frequency

My lightening antennae

The epic shock waves, set to burn your eyes

So stay cautious, of the electrocuting queen Bee

I am like the Borak

Fly through time, past the stars

My petite chrome wings;

Slice through the clouds;

Run-over the sonic barrier;

Defeat the gravitational pull

Pierce the ozone

My Thor-like powers, by His grace

Jetting through the atmosphere

Faster and stronger

Leaving the shooting star beaten at his own game

Light rays, tracing my cloudy trail

I am my own world,

My principles, laws

My atmospheric layer, guards and protects my honour

No electromagnetic wave can now cause harm

For I am damage-proof now

It can only increase my density

Intensify my atomic energy, expand my relative mass

Vacuum, my territory

Dust bodies, my followers

Yes, I lead the never-ending expansion

Surfing through my plunder

Discovering His gifts, my blessings

Absorbing the light of supreme knowledge and wisdom

Reaching down to the deeper levels, veiled mysteries

My over-whelmed heart filled with His glow, bleeding with joy

Serenity, tranquillity, nirvana, enlightenment- all a scam!

For this holy fire, that has lit within me, left me suffering

Yearning for a glance, a key to a door

Never has there been more pleasure in suffering and yearning

It is the undeniable power

Chooses whom ever, for this delightful agony

Yes I am the chosen one.


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