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Poem:Another Kiss

Updated on April 5, 2011


A kiss can last forever,

You couldn’t let me go, I didn’t want to.

Your lips on mine, so warm and loving.

I can’t let go, and you feel the same

you pull me back for one last kiss

I know it won’t be,

as you pull me back for more.

I must go home, but I don’t want to

I remind myself I must go,

but that kiss of yours,

clouds my head of everything,

except for you, me, us

being in love.

This is our love and no other’s

I kiss you and nobody else,

I am devoted to you and only you.

You are mine and I am yours, our lips

come together only to each other

again you take my arms and bring me back to your kiss

it sweeps me off my feet

I feel so safe and so much love.

you ask for more, I start to laugh

acting like young lovers, and not caring what others think.

We are in love and that’s all that matters.

Our kiss has come to an end,

there is a smile of knowing,

I don’t want to leave you, but I

must go, and when I do I will only think of you

and when I dream, I only dream of you

I’m full of joy

until our next kiss,

I do love you.



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