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Poem/The Most Important Lesson I Learned In Life

Updated on September 1, 2011

Life Is A Vapor

The most important lesson I have learned about Life, is that it ends

It isn't an easy lesson and I no longer find it a difficult lesson

We are all a second away, from leaving this existence, and crossing over to the next

So, I for one, try and savor every moment I can!

Getting over things quickly that displeases me or upset me

Because, Frankly,l refuse to waste a second more, than I have to, on ugly things

I try to make the best out of every situation, good or bad it may be my last situation

Someone may mistaken my approach and call it "Consumed with dying"

It is actually the opposite, I am "Consumed with living"

Living well, Living honest, Living with faith, Living with Trust

Living with hope, Living with peace, joy and patience

Loving the unlovable, for it may be my last time to love on this earth

Yes, I learned a great lesson a long time ago

Life is like a breath of air, in a second it could be gone!

So, I don't go to bed angry, I forgive the unforgiveable,

I won't say a word if it will make a matter worst

Sometimes behaving right is better than being right

My greatest victory in life is Loving My Enemies

Enemies need love too, sometimes they are the most unlovable people

Because, They have never experienced LOVE

Loving Life at its best is when the day seems so tough, you can not bear to face tomorrow

So, Those consumed with Living, Take it one day at a time, one step at a time

Till, They feel like running again

Be encouraged for those that hang in there , get to see the sun shine one more time

No time to waste, because, the most important lesson I have learned about Life, is that it ends


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