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Poems By Brianna Carr

Updated on July 10, 2016

Onto The Soul

You become one of flesh and blood

Each other's names on each other's lips

Not out of lust but out of love you'll kiss

Consumed of complete utter bliss

You will follow one of another through hell and you'll know

That you would die for the one you love,

For your love is made onto the soul

Branded for good after sweet vows were made

Now nothing but loving memories are saved

And one last kiss will be displayed to say that you're whole

Because two people have come together to make love onto the soul


A wise man once said
Sometimes you make choices and sometimes choices make you
But the choices I've made have only led me to two words 'to soon'
Lost in thought I ponder, I wonder
what it would be like without you
Because your the only choice I'd be willing make and the only heart I've loved enough to take
And for that I realize I chose you and you chose me
No matter what the heartbreak
Because in time you'll realize
That there will be times in which you should willingly break your heart for love
But I guess I made my choice
And sometimes I ask myself
Did you make yours?


Wondering, helplessly pondering, on love

Haunted choices and mistakes were made and the road you walk down in paved harder than the one before

You wordlessly sit there quiet but not peaceful, no white dove is found, and you know why now, why it hurts so bad


Holding on is the only thing now that you have left to do

Entering a new wave of hurt each shattering scream inside your head seems to utter one word

Lost and not knowing what's coming of yourself next

Pin the feelings you keep in up even though you keep screaming the same word over and over again


I used to think there were monsters under my bed

But I found that they were closer to being in my head

Each day, another passing

Another wave, soundless crashing

Against my head, I feel it too, against my heart it renews

A sound I can only describe as fear itself and worry consumes me

And the worst thing is, I think, is that I can't even cry for help


She was a girl who made her scars look like pieces of armor

The pieces of her that were shattered had come together only to make her stronger

Falling Oceans

Let the sun illuminate the stars in the sky, in which they fall apart

Crashing into the ocean they go

Shining through the aqua waters, they shine brighter fallen, stronger now, than when they were in the sky


Take another shot of whiskey, Down it all

You say you're done, but I don't think you are

Take your poison and take it raw

The pain will come and my heart will fall


Stitched heart, ripped lungs

Bullet vest, but no gun

Paranoid of hurting

Hurting love

Passing Glance

The stitched, the mended

The broken, The bended

Hitting the concrete harder each time with no one's passing glance


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