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Poems For the Heart and Mind

Updated on September 21, 2012

Beauty is Everywhere

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10 Poems

Just as not two people are alike so it is with poetry, Poetry is very personal reflecting the innermost parts of the person doing the writing. Many years ago I was told that my poetry was too strong, ("just like some people say about my personality") but I don't care here is my days share of my heart, from me to you.

1. Hope:

The dark clouds of worry form in the mind heavy and thick ready to pour down a torrential rain of problems, heavy rains of doubt and gloom, drowning out all thoughts of light and hope. Then a tiny ray of light slips through a small sliver of hope and faith and it keeps on growing, widening, drying up the puddles and drops of worry and pain. Faith pours in with a burst of light, courage parts the clouds and the sunshine of hope and love brings fourth a rainbow of joy! The dark clouds have passed away, It's your day.

2. Reality is Relative To:

I saw you the other day, black eye on your beautiful face, darkness hanging around you like glue, I asked you how? You actually smiled, (but not with your eyes) not in touch with your feelings at all, you lied and said it was an accident, your man would never hurt you.

your defense was so intense, I could not look you in the face, your reality so out of place. I hope that before it get too late, that you will find the woman within and face reality again.

3. Woman:

You can't handle it because I'm real, straight from the heart is how I deal. I love one hundred percent, in your corner all the way, don't know how to do it any other way, have my own business, confident in myself, pulling others up with me, but not in spite of myself.

I pamper myself often, I do, that way I am able to give my all to you. I love myself, I won't be ruled by cruelty and strife, will not allow it in my life. A lover, a fighter, a student and teacher of life, a woman I am handle it.

4. Self-Knowledge:

Honor self, high, not vanity, but truth in knowing your power.

5. Choices!:

If I don't want to, I won't, If I choose to I will.

If I need to I can, If I like it I'll try it, if it looks good I'll taste it or but it.

If it feel good I'll have more, my choice not yours.

6. Maybe:

Maybe I will, maybe I won't.

Maybe I do, maybe I don't.

Maybe I can, maybe I can't

Maybe I am, maybe I'm not.

Maybe I see, maybe I'm blind.

Maybe I hear, maybe I see.


7. Words:

No need to be unkind with words to be heard, words are powerful.

Express the highest and the best will come out, don't doubt don't pout, you have the clout no need to be stab at the heart to get your point across, use your mouth to heal,not to steal the heart and mind of another

Build them up, with your words, no need to tear down there is plenty of that around. Anything can be said or not. Think before you let words out, can't take them back, not need to shout or revile, words can be beautiful or unkind, think about the words you use, is to build or abuse?

8. Gift of Life:

I am by far most honored to be here, right in this moment in time, life is so powerful and full of light. I shall fight to live this honored gift, to lift and love, to laugh and cry, what an honor as each day goes by, never may I take it for granted, a mere speck of dust on this planet, I can be matted.

What an honor to have life and to be so free and know that honor means to me each day, a new tapestry, a wonder a joy to behold, as each new day unfolds, each step a clue as to what I must do.

9. Focus:

Aim straight, for you know where to go, and how to get there, focus you dare, be self-aware of your climb and the time. Is it wasted or is it kept precious or taken for granted, you know how to grow with each blow, make it powerful.

10. Your Face:

Your face lights up the room sends away the gloom and doom, so many people though alive, look and act like they live inside a tomb. Your face lights up the day, chases dark clouds of fear and doubt away. Your face lights up my space, makes me want to sing and dance.

Your face so bright and free, it makes me dare to be my best, no matter the test. Your face makes me feel so good, it's lights up from within, I want to capture the essence in a bottle and sell to to the world!

Your face moves me to play and love and laugh, I don't dwell on the past. your inner sunshine last and last, I feel so much joy when I see your face.

Life is a Joy


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