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Poems From the Porch 26

Updated on March 29, 2020
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John is a freelance writer, ghost-writer, storyteller, and poet. He always tries to include a message or social commentary in his writing.


Writers Stand Together

To all my fellow writers, welcome to the porch once again. The best part about this online community is that we can get together to support each other without being in close proximity or breaking any social distancing rules.

The curfews and lockdowns in most places means many of us are stuck at home, and though that is quite normal for me, we should have more time that we can utilize to write. Most of the community has probably seen and heard enough about the coronavirus for now but while views are still good people will continue to write about it. I think it would be better if writers found other topics to amuse and uplift readers' spirits to take their minds off this pandemic for even just a short time.

I call on you, my peers, to stand with me and agree to do that. Let's write our butts off, but about anything and everything other than Covid-19.

This collection of our poems includes the following subjects:

  • chocolate
  • bubble gum
  • skipping stones
  • The Caribbean

* My list of requests/prompts for new poems is getting very low. In order for me to keep writing poem from my porch I urgently need suggestions. Currently I only have two suggestions for next week.


Bill Holland

"Take a shot at "chocolate" when you get the chance."

Sure thing Bill. Chocolate is one of my favourite foods/sweets so I didn't mind writing a poem on this topic at all. I hope you enjoy "I'm Dreaming of a Chocolate World."

All I really need is love, but a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt.

— Charles Schulz
Chocolate WorldImage by 024-657-834 from Pixabay:
Chocolate WorldImage by 024-657-834 from Pixabay: | Source

I'm Dreaming of a Chocolate World

I dreamed I was living in a chocolate land

With hot chocolate seas and cocoa for sand.

Where mountains of chocolate fudge reached to the sky.

There was all kinds of chocolate to please tongue and eye.

White chocolate mousse clouds floated by on the breeze,

And caramel birds sang in candy cane trees.

I meandered along a rocky road lane

In the hope I could find my way home again.

I came to an Inn with a milk chocolate sign,

“Welcome to The Chocolate Bar, Please Wine and Dine.”

I ordered a chocolate daiquiri and milk,

That tasted delicious and slipped down like silk.

For my meal I chose a chocolate mud cake,

It was my indulgence for decadence’ sake.

But, then I woke up back home in my bed,

I rubbed the sleep from my eyes and lifted my head.

Had I simply dreamed of a chocolate world,

Of Mars Bars and Kit Kats and Cadbury Twirls?

Sometimes I just wish all my dreams would come true,

Especially the ones full of chocolate fondue.

Chocolate Mud Cake and Strawberries
Chocolate Mud Cake and Strawberries | Source

Shauna L. Bowling

"Let's lighten things up a bit, shall we? How 'bout writing a poem about bubble gum? It could be about the pink stuff we chewed as kids or the music teeny bopper girls listened to back in the day. (Have you heard the term "bubble gum music"?)"

Shauna, bubble gum is something I never really indulged in. I think I had one stick of gum in my whole life. Yes, I have heard of bubble gum music that was popular with teeny bopper girls though. The poem is short but "sweet." Please excuse the pun.

My songs aren't bubble gum pop dance songs and I don't have background dancers on every single song.

— ~ Avril Lavigne

Bumblebee and Grumblebum

Bumblebee and grumblebum

I chewed a stick of bubble gum.

I munched it ‘til it was quite thin,

Then formed my mouth into a grin.

I blew a bubble big and round,

Bigger than my head, I found.

Suddenly, it just went “POP!”

My face was caked in sticky pink slop.


Peggy Woods

"When reading the stepping stones poem, it reminded me of skipping stones across a lake to see how far they would go. My dad was an expert at that! Perhaps you could do a poem about skipping stones?"

Peggy, I wrote another poem recently called The River Knows along the same theme as this one, but skipping stones is a good subject so I enjoyed writing this one as well. I hope you like it.

I remember when rock was young

Me and Suzie had so much fun

Holding hands and skimming stones

— Elton John ~ Crocodile Rock

Skipping Stones

We walk down by the river,

Your hand entwined in mine.

Our hearts in sync a year ago,

No longer beat in time.

The loving smiles have faded,

There is dampness in your eyes.

I’m struggling for the words to say

That won’t just sound like lies.

I cast my gaze upon the ground

And peruse the scattered stones,

Like a paleontologist and his team

In search of ancient bones.

I take some pebbles in my hand

To find some flat and smooth,

Choose a few that suit my cause,

The rest I quickly lose.

I swing my arm and cast a stone

That skims across the stream.

It skips four times and then it sinks

Just like my true love dreams.

If one stone, though, should make its way

To the river’s farther side,

I’ll take it as a higher sign

That our love won’t be denied.

Three stones I throw with all my skill,

None make the other bank.

They skip, skip, skip but then submerge,

No God of Love to thank.

skipping stones
skipping stones | Source

With one last try, my hopes forlorn,

I fling the final stone.

I watch it skip, with heavy heart.

I expect to leave alone.

But as it skims across the stream

This small stone doesn’t stop.

It skips right to the other side

And in the bank it plops.

I clasp your hand between my own

And raise it to my lips,

“Let’s give our love another try,

Like the last stone that I skipped.”

With tear filled eyes you look at mine,

Your mouth, trembling, forms a smile,

“I’m glad that stone made it across

For I am with your child!”

Dora Weithers

"Would welcome a poem with a Caribbean theme."

I was looking forward to writing this MsDora, but it was a bit more difficult than I thought. My never having visited the Caribbean was what presented the greatest problem but I read your articles and listened to a bit of reggae and calypso music and came up with the following poem. I hope I captured some of the essence of the islands.

It always amuses me that the biggest praise for my work comes for the imagination, while the truth is that there's not a single line in all my work that does not have a basis in reality. The problem is that Caribbean reality resembles the wildest imagination.

— Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Caribbean Beach Sunset: Image by Andreas S from Pixabay
Caribbean Beach Sunset: Image by Andreas S from Pixabay | Source

The Call of the Caribbean

There’s a place where the skies are blue

And the waves lap gently at the sailing ship,

Where each day dances to a reggae beat.

A Caribbean holiday’s sure worth the trip.

So, pack your bags and be on your way,

Don’t plan to return for many a day.

The food’s addictive and the people too,

You’ll never be short of fun things to do.

If the food doesn’t trap you the lifestyle will,

Some went to visit and they live there still.

It’s a Caribbean carnival every night,

And every day the tropical Sun shines bright.

There are many islands on an azure sea,

With white sand beaches and the coconut tree.

Vibrant colours everywhere abound,

And song and laughter are the island sounds.

There’s a place where the skies are blue

And the waves lap gently at the sailing ship,

Where each day dances to a reggae beat.

A Caribbean holiday’s sure worth the trip.

Which of these poems did you enjoy most?

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© 2020 John Hansen


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