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Poems and Poetry: You're My Port In Storm

Updated on March 20, 2012

A Vision of Loveliness

You’re a vision of loveliness

Left me stricken with nostalgia

And yearning

The first time I saw you it was as if

The sun warm and radiant had suddenly

Appeared in midnight; my mind reeled

In a wilderness of uncertainties

Dumbfounded, dazed with

Incomprehension and disbelief

It was as if the ground beneath

My feet just vanished

Dear I’ll go anyway you want me to

I promise you that

The warmth of your body strengthened

Me like armor

There is a warmth and humanity to you

That I desperately crave for the way

I crave for oxygen

You’re my port in a storm

Just ever think of leaving me

Because it’ll be like kicking the ladder

Away after I’d climbed to the top.


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