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Updated on April 9, 2016


Where else does women breastfeed

The babies just like my mother

Power to my mother

And other women like her

Some to cow’s milk run

Never know any child suck

Breast as long as I

“Seems a shame to let

My free resources go to waste,”

Proclaimed my mother.

Always nuzzled the corner of my

Mouth with her ripe nipple

Humming endearment in my ear

Tentative taste I start with

Relaxed on my mother’s lap

My second Heaven

I took a deep pull of milk

Sweeter, richer and more nourishing

Than any artificial milk ever made

Watching my mother’s face

Radiating unconditional love

Eating from her lovely sacred part

Feeling connected to her in some

Everlasting way.

Watching her features echo with glory.


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