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Time to Rebuild

Updated on April 11, 2016

The Time Is Now

The pain, horror and despair

Around my people

From men came not God.

Our elites aplenty tore

Our country.

Hunger rode the winds

Through the country,

Every turn you met

Outstretched hands

Pleading eyes

People being eaten

Alive by disease

Could be knocked

Over with feather.

Money in the hands

Of the unworthy.

Goats living in leisure

While lions struggled and starved.

The shiny cars of newly rich

Kleptomaniacs splashed

Mud on the dilapidated

Cars of talented men.

Gaudy new homes

Of crooks crowded in among sedate

Dwellings of hard working citizens.

It’s time to wake up to reality.

Hell’s afire.

Time to turn the light on those

Who make the name of our

Country to stench

In the nostrils

Of the world.

We’ve to weed the field of our country

Overgrown with dangerous weeds.

The past is past and can’t be undone,

But the future can be altered.

Lets pick up the pieces

Of our shattered and

Scattered lives

And begin

To rebuild.


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