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Poems and Poetry: Why Not Do Something

Updated on April 11, 2016

Why Not Do Something

You already know that you

Made a mistake, beating

Yourself up about it won’t

Teach you anything new

Will you spend the rest of

Your life here on earth

Watching hope slip away

Along with time?

Will you embark on a synthetic

Journey to nowhere?

Will you sit and watch

Enthusiasm in life dwindle,

Diminish and finally

Recede into despair?

Will you be doddering

Around this world uncertain

Which foot to put before the


Throw the devil of indecision

Over the cliff.

What sense does it make

To dwell in the past when

The present is so much surer and

The future so much brighter

Things don’t get better except

We make them better.

Do something today to challenge

Your defenselessness against

Life’s cruelties and vicissitudes.

You have the capacity to climb

Over the word impossible into

The successful country beyond.


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