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Poems by LLS - Goodbye My Friend

Updated on August 25, 2009

The house was warm and aromatic with the feast being prepared.

The table was set in anticipation with the best china and silverware.

The atmosphere was mellow with good wishes toward mankind.

All was ready for the regal repast, far beyond our daily fare.

Finally, the gathering was beckoned to the overabundant table.

As family and friends were seated, a small gasp was all but heard.

For there on the table, reigning supreme, was old Tom Turkey,

the pet that I had befriended and to everyone else only a bird.

Grace was said and the almighty thanked for our blessings;

and with a solemn Amen the heaping bowls were passed.

As I looked elsewhere, father carved the golden roasted poultry

and I only looked down when my brimming plate came at last.

With a sigh, I gobbled down my potatoes, corn and stuffing

but the delicate white meat my mouth could not pass.

For I remembered the once free bird roaming in my yard

and the brief time that his antics had made me laugh.

Nobody seemed to notice that my plate was not empty

when pumpkin pie was served at dinner's end.

But, I, for one, was most thankful

that no one had seen me say goodbye to my friend.


LLS (1996)


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