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Poems by LLS - Roses, Beauty and Strength

Updated on September 7, 2014

Soft velvety petals curling along the edge;

Spiked leaves etched around the end;

Strong straight stems studded with thorns;

Fashion the flower called a rose, my friend.

Petal softness is for the times

When somthing wondrous occurs;

Such as a special anniversary

Or a baby arrives to coo new words.

The spikes of the leaves denote

The bumps along life's road

To remind us there is a tomorrow

When an illness enters our abode.

The mighty stem with it's thorns

Prick a finger so we remember

the endurance and pain of loss

When a loved one crosses over.

The rose has intrepid meaning

In the winding pathway of life.

For when you acquire a rose,

You hold the grace to endure strife.

LLS (1997)


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