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Poems for a sunny summer 2- More words from a Lost Speaker

Updated on July 31, 2013

Carved in stone, a familiar face


Please don't judge poorly

This is worrisome.

Words have been duplicated in the most unknowing manner! Perhaps our thoughts and story, or view was similar, the idea is truly perplexing. How can words from a separate speaker, painted in a different light, be duplicated? All humble apologies if the following speech seems copied or mirrors another voice, that was never the intention of these actions.

Fanciful speeches

Well it’s nice that you’ve gathered,

We’ll start with an atmospheric

Physics example of liquid

Do pay close attention for similarities are abound.

Collected into a puddle

Liquid, or water if you will,

Holds a certain stagnant form

I say, until you stomp in it, eh.

Now, the puddle can be moulded

And in return mould its surroundings

You don’t believe me

Then toss a hot iron into the mix.

Now your puddle is bubbling

And let’s not forget the transformation

Don’t worry, now our liquid is a dazzling mist

I dare say we can imagine such a thing.

The mist is merely the wildly open form

We couldn’t imagine within the puddle

Soon yes, the mist will dissipate

And find its way back to the puddle.

Right, enough on puddles

Or dare I say in them

I do hope we can maintain our humor

This next bit is a slight stretch.

Why do we meet one another?

I know, too vague you say,

But please hear me out good people

I’m positive you’ll melt at the direction we’re taking.

Well the question is rather vague

But that’s the point

Because in reality, it’s rather laughable really,

We have no real clue why we meet each other.

Now I know, you say I’m a quack,

But please hear me out,

I’ve only just begun to waddle

Apologies, returning to the matter at hand

You see there’s this build up

In any social relation

Honestly I can’t be expected to paint everything

However I still possess a few hot irons.

So imagine a connection through appreciation

Don’t worry this is not the only example

It’s through appreciation that

Mutual understanding is achieved.

Then there’s awareness

Ha, not just awareness, understanding fits here,

But it still deserves its own tier

I could go on, but I see your eyes droop!

They fall, I know- or rather hope-

Because a dream is the only next step imaginable

Ah but here is where the folly lies

Hands down, I will not explain folly!

Now, as you can imagine, this burning expansion

Can really only last for so long

Yes it will build and peak, and at that peak

Well I must say it truly is glorious.

Sorry, I lose myself at times on this topic,

Yes, the peak you ask, what about the peak?

Well that’s where the eyes fall

A dream is wished for.

The problem with this, if you will,

Lack-a-daisy approach

Is that, well the peak is unfortunately ignored

Now this may not seem like much, but it is my friends.

For if your eyes, or my eyes, are closed at this peak

Well we, how do I relay this,

We never realize what or where it is

Ha no, there is no jest here, I speak truths.

However you must know, truths

Are only ever true to the speaker

I must say we are aware it’s easy to fake truths

But alas, we must digress.

I know my friends you wish not for such

And neither do I, it has been exquisite

But the problem is, if you are still here

You missed the peak, and were too busy savoring the dream.


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