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Poems From the Jersey Shore: Vol 14 Tanka Poems

Updated on July 21, 2020
whittwrites profile image

Timothy is a Christian who enjoys creating visual art and writing. He has a B.S. in psychology.


Welcome once again to the Jersey Shore. I can’t believe this is the 14th volume of my poems. I decided this week to keep to write some smaller poems due to time constraints.

My granddaughter was in for vacation. She wanted to get here, visit and go back before the current spike in Covid-19 cases shuts down plane flights. It is really weird living in this pandemic world. You want to try to see things as normal as possible, but when you go out in the real world it is so surreal.

I know I am fortunate to stay healthy and to not be experiencing the Covid-19 virus the way many others are. At my age it would surely not work out well.

So in these tough times I turn to the one thing I know which take my mind off of what is going on in the world, writing. These poems are a part of all the writing I've been doing. So I hope you enjoy this latest edition.


Choose those who choose you

Don’t chase after false people

Who live to impress

Seek friendships from true people

Who love you for being you


Why put up blinders

Blinders keep you from seeing

What is left and right

The lives which need our loving

The cares which need our resolve

A poem is a story in its basic form.

Don’t Say It

Don’t say anything

If what you say is unkind

Only speak those words

Which help to bring about peace

Which help to promote true love


Why do women have

So many types of shampoos

Just lying around

Some for their hair weekdays

Some for their hair others days

Poetry is emotion, passion, love, grief—everything that is human. It is not for zombies by zombies.

— F. Sionil Jose

The Dictionary

The dictionary

The book of ingredients

Other books are made

Stories people read for fun

Books which people read to learn


Why do we never

See what’s in front of our face

The hurts and the cares

We try so hard to ignore

Who needs our love to restore


Friends love each other

Bonded deep within the heart

Two lives together

Weathering the storms life brings

Sharing the good times as one


Wish I could smooth out

All the wrinkles in my life

The problems I have

Put them in the past move on

Get on to a better life

Genuine poetry can communicate before it is understood.

— T.S. Eliot


When will it all end

The hatred, the division

Let the healing start

Look past our differences

See we are better as


Who you ask are you

Then you spend your life trying

To be who you want

Instead who you really are

Don’t waste to much time, have fun


What’s in it for me

People like to think and say

But the problem is

It’s better to give than get

To let your heart guide you way

Some final thoughts

Thank you again in advance for reading my work. I enjoy writing and am just glad to be able to share my work with someone. Until the next time please be safe and healthy.

© 2020 Timothy Whitt


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