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Updated on September 5, 2013

Poetry brings to mind a song
Written with love by those who long
For things past, present, and future
To be something that all can shoot for

Bringing to mind those things we hide
Things we hope and things we strive
Expressed to others when voice can't be heard
Finding these things in written word

Pleased we are when these things are found
Small gems of wisdom and wit abound
Sometimes in jest as many who
Cannot voice things to me and you

So when you read ones poetry
Remember those things in your own mind be
Thought, voice, song and heart
No matter how we do impart

How we feel to one another
Sharing all our joys with others
Our pains, our woes and crazy days
We guide each other through the maze

Of each and every day until
We meet our end, some never will
This much indeed we all do know
Poetry comes from hearts that flow

Kari Shinal
March 27, 2008


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