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Poetically Gifted

Updated on July 18, 2013

The Complete Woman

My mother,

The woman who gave me life,

Not only in every aspect of wrong vs. right did you teach me to be the man I would need to be in life,

But going through every challenge and every dream I ever told you, you taught me most importantly to fight,

The complete woman,

You are the true definition of that,

As a matter a fact, you would break your back for any member of this family,

You are the one person I know the devil cannot handle see,

You are the one person that if you were at rock bottom with someone else you would fight to get them out first,

Every dollar, dime or gold carrot still cannot compare to how much you are worth,

And I can guarantee you everyone in this room would agree,

A complete woman is what you are not what you could be,

I love you,

As I wrote this I thought you deserve the best, so I but my heart on this page and let the words bleed from my chest,

With every drop I realized that with a mother like you I was truly blessed,

This is me at my best, M.O.M, an acronym for mind over money but W.O.W is what I think wisdom over worth but either way I say it pay attention to the word that comes first,

A complete woman,

The definition is you, and dad would tell me it’s true,

I believe that you are one of if not the wisest woman on earth,

I have to watch to struggle sometimes and it hurts,

But I know you can make it out of any situation and any obstacle in your way is immediately torn down,

Any frown upside down, but every queen needs her crown,

So I give you the respect you deserve hear and now,

You are the strongest woman I know pound for pound,

A complete woman,

If she was ever lost, she is now found.

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A Strong Man

The fighter,

That is how I define my father,

Not the fighter as in the fist swinging type but the life living keep breathing type,

Because no matter how bad your health got you still kept up the fight,

You taught me wrong from right, bark from bite, will and might, long lived life,

Man is how you are defined but hero is what I see, sure we’d argue sometimes but I know you loved me,

I believe that there is life after death,

Does that make my conscious inept or the dreams you taught me to dream to far-fetched,

You personally are no longer here so I have to do my best,

To use my memory to remember more and forget less,

Stress, the enemy to all you taught me how to deal with it,

Any problem I had and I bet that you would still listen, anything broken and I bet that you could still fix it,

You have the heart of a champion, God finally called and I know you had to answer him,

So I’m not mad, jealous, upset or sad…. I completely understand,

You are a strong man,

You left behind a legacy that no other father could live up to,

Sometimes I go dang I wish dad was here because I have so much I want to show you,

But then I realize that life moves on from earth, to the gates of heaven were our souls were once birthed,

Were you now man your new post,

The next assignment in your life,

One that at first was difficult for me to understand but that’s just me being a younger man,

Not completely understanding the ethics of life after death,

Or that you and mom dying was my biggest fear being the secret that I kept,

Just know that I stepped in my role from the moment that you left,

Pop I see now and only now how much I’ve truly learned,

Now we pay you the respect you’ve truly earned,

Ashes to ashes, as a tear roles down my cheek,

Dust to Dust, water fills my eyes it becomes harder to see,

May thy soul be at rest, my heart starts to bleed I love you dad you are my father and you will never be my past.

Who Am I?

See I am a young black male who’s purpose on earth was never to fail,

But I can not say the same for the people who envy me doing well,

I am someone that lives life to the fullest and never focuses on what a hater has to say,

So I walk around with a smile on my face every day, no matter how bad I feel on the inside,

See the difference between me and someone who doesn’t no their purpose in life,

Is their afraid of heights and I’m not afraid to fly,

That person looks in the mirror and says why try, but that’s like going to court and letting the devil be your only alibi,

On my pillow is where my head will lay, I thank god for every day,

I’m all work and no play,

I never get why people say life is a game, now you’ve got a lose, lose situation and taken aim,

But when you lose who’s going to take the blame,

You……exactly and that’s a shame,

I’m a bright young man, can I do anything I’d like to think I can,

See god gave me a talent and that talent is to dream, so I made it my mission to accomplish my dream by any means,

Even if that means paying tuition fees,

Who might I be?

To answer your question I’m me.

My inspiration

There is a poet by the name of Suli Breaks. He does exceptional spoken word, one day i came across this poem(On the right). "Why i hate school but love education." I thought to myself that day the possibilities are endless when we open our minds up to our creative nature. when we chase our dreams until they are within our grasp. hard work and dedication may be two keys to getting things done but one that is commonly over looked is will power. The want to be successful.

Book in the works

I am Currently writing a poetry book called "The Poetic Voice Within". I just recently was given the idea from A good friend of the family. So i thought about it and realized that it wouldn't hurt to try because you never know what god may bless you with.

About Me

I am 18 years old. I was born in Washington, D.C on September 14, 1994. I love helping others I have always reached out to anyone that needed help. i just recently started college and was majoring in psychology. during my second semester i realized that i could take a more direct approach to get a job doing what i love by Majoring in social work. That will be my plan for this upcoming year. Focusing on school and my poetry sounds like a relaxing and stress free future.


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