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Poetry- Can't tell a soul

Updated on May 10, 2009

Can’t tell a soul

Sometimes I wonder

That mysterious way

That you walk through the halls

With a swagger

A step

Almost of perfect Elegance

I know it doesn’t say a thing

About who you are

But when I see that way you walk

It feels like

You’re stronger than you are

But I feel

As if you want to tell me something

That you could never tell another soul

But I wonder

Can you tell me

This something

Am I worthy of that secret

That you hold

Or am I deceiving myself

Maybe nothing’s wrong

And it’s all an illusion behind an illusion

But no

The things you do

The way you try

And try

And kill yourself to help

No with every beautifully elegant step

I know

You’re hiding something

Can’t you just open up

Can’t you just tell me

After all

You can’t tell another soul

And mines long gone

Dedicated to, an unknown girl

                                        Written by, DBG
                                                                                       David Goreham                                                                           


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