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Poetry: She is Lost in the Dark

Updated on August 8, 2012

She wears a fake smile so know one will ask again.
Fades into the black with only her closest friends.
Relying on them to set her free from all this pain.
Only learning that shes just running away again.
Looking for love in all the wrong directions.
She can't seem to find her place.
Lost in a world of misconception...
Where real love is thrown away.
The first sense of love she's felt.
In possibly her whole life...
Is in the hands of a little boy, that will never call her wife.
Yet she throws it all away, gives it all away.
Hoping that he'll stay, just one more day.
But he can't cover the scars she's grown accustom to.
He can't ever love her the way she's longing him to.
Until the day she realizes that none of this is right,
She will continue to be misguided in the dark...
Running from the light.


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