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Poetry Book Review - Reflections by Diane deHaan

Updated on July 28, 2017

When poets fill the empty pages with their craft they pour themselves into every line, baring their heart and soul, leaving a reflection of themselves on every page and in turn touching readers of all walks of life.

Canadian poet and writer Diane deHaan does just that with her debut poetry book Reflections. This wonderful collection of poetry, which features free verse poetry and also form poetry, covers various topics and themes, among which are love, loss and friendship. These are the things that we all can relate to and that is what makes the book one that readers will connect with as they read the poetic creations that make up the book.

The poetry in the book is filled with lots of emotion but it's not overwhelming. It's just enough to tug at your heartstrings and move you in different ways. Whether the creations are filled with happiness, sorrow or some other emotion the language is always beautiful and one that makes you want to keep on reading until the very end.

Poetry book - Reflections by Diane deHaan
Poetry book - Reflections by Diane deHaan

Just by looking at the front cover of the book, without even turning the page to read the first poem, I found myself with a sense of calmness and serenity and I felt that I would thoroughly enjoy the book and that is exactly what happened.

Not only did this book touch me but it also filled me with inspiration. The book also left me with some food for thought and made me reflect on the things happening in my life.

I am thrilled that I got to read Diane deHaan's poetry and help her get this book published. It was truly an honor. If you love poetry I highly recommend this book. It is definitely worth the read.


Debut poetry book by Canadian poet and writer Diane deHaan



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