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Poetry Challenge: My Own Triangle

Updated on July 13, 2012

Triangular Poetry Challenge

Written in response to the challenge set by phillydreamer. To read the specifications, click here.

Place your bets.
A phrase which makes or breaks.
It can make your fortune. Make your future.
Make your wildest dreams come true, your hopes, your wishes. All for you.
But such a fragile concept has to fail.
Has to fail you. Stop you.
Bring you down.
Time for work.
One thing's sure, nothing more.
Only work and hard work paves a strong path.
Work can build your future, build it strong, build your life. Keep your dream.
Only work can make you, never break you, never take you, ne'er forsake you. Only work. No more bets.


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    • PHILLYDREAMER profile image

      Jose Velasquez 5 years ago from Lodi, New Jersey

      I know this story quite well. Wow I though I was only going to have one participant for this thanks for this.