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Poetry: Global Warming

Updated on April 8, 2016


Our environment in decay

Our cities like over-worked

Women look, too tired to

Look attractive.

Air poisoned through centuries

Of pollution and misuse

Streets littered with garbage

Rotting rubbish float

On surface of rivers

The seas contaminated

With off-shore drilling of oil

And oil spillage from burst pipes

Diminishing marine lives.

Gutters send forth

Sickening smells far

From inviting.

Military rivalry endangering

Mankind with nuclear wastes.

Cutting down of trees and carbon

Dioxide emission from human inventions

An invitation

To desert encroachment and increase

In atmospheric temperature now

Popularly known as global warming.

Heavy rains until earth could absorb no more

Like the Biblical flood

Flooding the earth as if all the taps in

The sky had been turned on by

The hand of the Almighty.

The rain falling as if determined to shed

The tears which the flood victims and

The suffering people of

The world could not shed.

Global warming, chaotic and filthy environment

Hazardous to health and a threat

To our continual survival in planet

Earth. The time for action is now.


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