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Poetry: Better a Famine With Love

Updated on March 14, 2016

Famine With Love

Better a famine with love

Than feast with hatred therewith

I wouldn't exchange you with all

Your poverty for a queen with

All her luxuries.

I'd rather have my tongue pulled

Out of my mouth than let another

Have you.

I need the comfort of your nearness

You are the only one who can relieve

Me of the fire inside me.

How can my body betray me so!

My soul was thirsty

Forbidden to drink

My heart famished

And never to be fed

When your love tender

Opened the door of

My soul's cell and

Awakened my desires from long coma

I drank from your river of pleasure

I was dazed with happiness

My face lit-up as with an inner fire.

A loving heart showed itself upon

A loving face; communicating its

Message through to my spirit

Irrespective of our cumbrous bodies

The greatest joy of my life.


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