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Poetry From a Past Life - Part 2

Updated on October 14, 2016

The Background

It was hard to see then, but God had a plan for my life. I know that now. I see how He put the two phases of my life together. But then - then it was a different story. Life seemed so useless, without purpose. What was my life then was uniquely mine. God used past situations to draw me out so I could clearly see Him. For that, I'm forever grateful.

That being said, this was written during one of my darker moments. Feelings of rejection, hopelessness, loneliness, and extreme self-pity covered me. During those dark times, I soothed myself with music. Many of the song lyrics I wrote during that time were of a commercial nature - written to be performed by my band. That was not the case for this particular piece. This was born out of sheer pain and a loss of self-identity.

This was written while I was stretched out atop the hood of my 1969 Plymouth Fury looking skyward, hoping to see a glimmer of hope from the heavens. What I saw instead was a confused pattern of clouds dotting a brilliant, blue sky. And I can only wonder why.


Magic Patterns

Magic patterns gainst the sky,
And I can only wonder why
They left me here.
Glittering diamonds spread their light,
And echo the day that's turned to night
And left me here in a world of no one.


Friendly faces have all gone on.
Smiles and shadows linger long,
And leave me here.
But smiles and shadows just aren't real,
Just the loneliness I feel
That's left me here In a world of no one.

Breathless beauty of mountain scenes,
A fertile valley turned to green
That's left me here.
Days of never ending sun
Pretending that I'm having fun,
But I'm still here in a world of no one.

Now what's left of my shattered dreams,
The silly games and the useless schemes . . .

Magic patterns against the sky,
And I can only wonder why
They left me here.
But smiles and shadows just aren't real -
Just the emptiness I feel
That's left me here in a world of no one
And now I'm the only one.


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