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Poetry: Iduolu Festival

Updated on November 2, 2011

Iduolu Festival

Iduolu festival an annual

And most important festival

Of the Onicha-Olona people.

The people of the six villages

Onicha-Olona is made of

Led by their kings in

Their warrior apparels

Alert like lions visit

The Abunor for traditional

Thanksgiving to the gods

For their guidance through

The tear and abundant blessings.

Iduolu with its crowd

And cacophony made

Kids of adults.

Group of dancers

Grunted and shouted

In their bizarre costumes,

So happy they were

They could dance themselves

To death; presenting a life

Filled with love, laughter

And happiness.

The only thing better than

Watching Iduolu festival

Is to be a part of it.

Iduolu put my people in a

State of tonic exhilaration,

With tears of laughter streaming

Down people’s faces; waves of

Merriment creamed up the

Walls of buildings lining

The routes making them

Reverberate with laughter

And along the streets flowed

Inexhaustible flood of love.

Iduolu festival surpassed

Anything I’d ever seen.

No external sign of pomp

And pageantry lacking

And the people with

Pleasure radiated from

Faces as if an unending

Supply of it there is.


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