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War Poem

Updated on August 24, 2013

Sometimes I look at the news and see the troubles in foreign lands around the world.

I think about the soldiers who are risking their lives for us day in and day out.

They put themselves on the line for their countries, and the rest of the world. England, America, France, everyone benefits from their toils.

They give up their husbands, sons and daughters to create safe lands for all of us.

I've heard people in pubs belittling our soldiers by saying things like, they chose their jobs, they get good pay for it, and they get good training.

Don't these people think about what must have gone through the minds of these soldiers, when they chose to join up putting their lives at risk? I know I do, and when I hear comments like that I make a point of asking them,

"If it’s such good pay and working conditions, why didn't you join up, why didn't you send your sons or daughters to the front line, to risk their lives?"

I am usually met with silence or a nervous giggle, followed by a sheepish look in the other direction.

What I say is, they deserve their pay, they deserve their training, but most of all they deserve to come home.

So as a tribute to our brave sons and daughters who travel overseas fighting for our mutual beliefs, I wrote this poem, called "Our Children Fight for Our Lands," I hope you enjoy it.

Our Children Fight for Our Lands

Our children fight for our lands,

Brave souls one and all.

Ready to take up arms,

When they hear the call.

It's not money that dives them on,

It's camaraderie, for one and all.

Every day they are put in danger,

And even if one should fall.

Two would willingly take their place.

Standing proud and tall.

For country and our sacred grace,

I thank God they answered the call.


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    • rahul0324 profile image

      Jessee R 5 years ago from Gurgaon, India

      A beautifully written poem for the children of the soil...