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Poetry That Speaks Of Love Lost 3

Updated on December 2, 2010

I wrote this poem when I found out Kevin was sick...His time left to live was unsure.

Life After Death

So this is life after death?
Open, loud, unyielding turmoil inside.
A pain so fierce I delay my next breath.
My ache so deep and hard I curl up and hide.

So this is the life I am to lead?
Wounds saturated, ugly, taking nothing away.
Protection neglected as I watch my soul bleed.
Reality in my face regretfully I begin each day.

Tears sting my face as I attempt to clear my head.
Moments pass creating scars sutured far too tight.
I am baffled by our need as we fall into bed.
Pain, pleasure, comfort, passion, each moment right.

So this is life tainted by all that was?
Fear takes hold settling deep in my core.
Opening doors, leaving nothing untouched...lust.
Leaving me almost full, deep in thought, needing more.

So this is life after death?
Death is slowly taking over every part of me.
How will I survive his last breath?
Reality...perhaps soon this will come to me please!

Written by Becky Jo Gibson June, 2006 ©

My Sanity Escapes

Sanity escapes me slowly as I walk through each day.
Another day passes since I left my home behind.
Out of necessity I packed and walked away.
Doing all I can to get him out of my mind.

False and one sided emotions spin out of control.
Nothing speaks louder than tangible proof in my face.
My self-control spread thin over a deep hole.
Deception abound heart aches not clear how to live in this space.

Pictures of their twisted coupling come and go at will.
My mind offers little peace, shocked from the mere thought.
Crudely, I seek acceptance, reprieve, the ability not to feel.
Strange cravings for revenge are constantly being fought.

Rage brings permanent solutions that are out of touch.
Death comes in many forms beyond the physical bodies' demise.
I face the monster inside who wants their blood so much.
My battle is on as I strive to know truth, not their lies.

My choices bring a new set of problems to my plate.
Stranded alone where I am free of a familiar face.
My life is packed full of moments too late.
I pray as times passes I will find the right pace.

Written by Becky Jo Gibson October, 2006 ©


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    • Angel_In_Disguise profile image


      9 years ago

      Your work is amazing,

      Best of luck in the future.

    • InspiredHippy profile imageAUTHOR

      Becky Jo Gibson 

      9 years ago from Downtown San Diego, California

      Thanks sister! I had life happen and the computer had to go to the shop. All is well and I am back on track. I'll be writing a series about the experience. It will be a while. The wounds are fresh! God only gives me what I can handle!

      Peace... Becky Jo

    • tlpoague profile image


      9 years ago from USA

      Beautiful poetry! I missed seeing you around. Glad to see you come back. I am looking forward to reading more.

    • InspiredHippy profile imageAUTHOR

      Becky Jo Gibson 

      9 years ago from Downtown San Diego, California

      Thank you for your comment. I heal by writing poetry and it makes my heart feel good that others can feel what I write. I have come a long way since then and I am grateful for that! By the way...Kevin is still living. It took a long time to find a treatment that could keep him stable. Thank God one was found. We are not together nor do we speak, we do have a daughter so she keeps me informed. I wonder if I will ever be over him? I have known him since I was 19. I'm 50 now and despite all the damage we did the last go around, I still feel him. ~heavy sigh~ Life goes on and I pray I love again?

      Peace...Becky Jo aka Inspired Hippy

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      I can relate to both of these poems on so many levels. I can literally feel the pain as you describe it so well reminding me of my same experiences of losing my love so long ago.


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