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Poetry: Where Am I Headed

Updated on February 5, 2012

Where Am I Headed

I made a sincere commitment to

Get the action habit

I’d wondered how many potential

Opportunities I’d carelessly tossed

Aside because I did not dare to pursue

My dreams when challenges surfaced

When ant meets an obstacle on its path

It never quits trying to climb over it or

Find a way to go around it or evade it

But once I met any obstacle I chicken out

But now I’ve come to know that every

Idea worth anything has failure potential

Within it, so I’ve decided that this is going

To be the day I’m going to do something

About my abandoned dreams.


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    • tonymodus profile image

      tonymodus 6 years ago

      What is wrong is lack of commitment. I hope you'll take the same steps as mine by being persistent in going about your dreams and you'll get them achieved.

    • RGNestle profile image

      RGNestle 6 years ago from Seattle

      Wow. It's exactly the way I've been living my life. What's wrong with us?