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Poetry Writing for Dummies

Updated on November 16, 2016

My first poem

I started writing poetry when I was in the sixth grade. My language arts teacher gave me the assignment to write a poem. I wrote a poem just to get a good grade, but my teacher fell in love with it. She even called my mother and tried to get me in a poetry contest, but I refused because I was like "it's just a poem." Now I wish I could remember that poem, but I can't. It would be cool to have the very first poem I ever wrote in hand. During my teenage years, I use to write a poem for each of my girlfriends. That is the story of how I got into writing poetry, and I have been writing poetry since then.

Poetry is everything
Poetry is everything | Source

Steps to writing poetry

The first thing to remember is that a poem does not have to be a passage with big elaborate words. A poem should be a simple yet beautiful description of art, life, or nature. My poetry has a lot of real life experiences which amplifies my stories. With that said, use your personal life situations as starting points for your poetry.

Although poems that rhyme do sound better just like a song, it doesn't necessary have to rhyme. All music is poetry that can make us feel sad, happy, joyful, energetic, and in some cases powerful. Poetry well written can mystify its readers and generate new thoughts.

  • Have a title to write about
  • Have a situation to write about
  • Get a dictionary for vocabulary
  • Start with simple sentences
  • Search for rhyming words
  • Ask a friend, sister, brother, co-worker, mom, or dad for advice or input
  • Be creative, the sky is the limit and no one can judge your poetry because it's yours

A Guide to Writing a Poem

Poem Example

Falling In Love

Love, I am Love
Sent from up above

To find you
So what should I do?

Stay lonely content in mind
Or link my soul with yours, which is divine

Your attraction I couldn’t resist
My submission I admit

So take my hand if you don’t mind
Guaranteed not to waste your time

Your desires I can fulfill
Your broken heart I can heal

Can you feel the love that is standing between us?
If not, come closer, and you will feel it, I trust

I will say be careful before you judge
To stop you from “Falling in Love.”

~Akwasi Maru~

Poetry is Life
Poetry is Life | Source

Another Poem Example

Father God

Oh Father God, help me to save a soul
Oh Father God, guide me to the ways of old

Oh Father God, heal those who have been touch by the devil
Oh Father God, keep us from the temptations of evil

Oh Father God, you and only you can protect us
Oh Father God, we will keep your laws in Leviticus

Oh Father God, forgive us of our sins
Oh Father God, help us to endure until the end

Oh Father God, we long to see your face
Oh Father God, don’t forget us when we return one day

Oh Father God, it is to you that we pray
Oh Father God, please lead us your way

Oh Father God, in your house is many mansions
Oh Father God, we see your beauty with passion

Father God, your word is a blessing to my life
Oh Father God, I will read it until the day that I die

Oh Father God, thanks for all your creations
Oh Father God, the Most High you are our only liaison

~Akwasi Maru~

Poetry is Death
Poetry is Death | Source


I have been called by the Angle of Death

To a place where there is plenty of wealth

I am going where my Ancestors have been

I have hidden all my life, but now can be seen

I have met all those I was suppose to meet

Some encounters were bitter and some were sweet

I probably wasn’t the person you wanted me to be, for some

One thing is for sure I’m returning home

My mission on earth has come to an end

I have lost the battle of death no one can win

To my children and family I now watch over you

Please don’t forget me is all I ask you do

To my dear friends we had so many laughs

Acknowledge my future, but don’t forget our past

Here today, gone tomorrow is what people will say

So cherish those you love each and everyday

This world is too short for hatred and crime

Get your life on order, before it is your time

I have had many of homes, but the earth is not mine

~Akwasi Maru~

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  • Remember to be creative
  • Write freely
  • A poem can be written about anything: life, death, the birth of a child, and marriage
  • Write often and the better you will get
  • Finally, search for other authors of poems to get some ideas


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    • Akwasi Maru profile imageAUTHOR

      Akwasi Maru 

      22 months ago from Macon, Georgia

      Thanks, Jodah

      I really like your poetry style. I think it's unique. Thanks for your service as a firefighter.

    • Jodah profile image

      John Hansen 

      22 months ago from Queensland Australia

      Hi, Akwasi. Welcome to HubPages and thanks for the follow. We have a couple of things in common: we are fellow poets, and I was a volunteer firefighter and secretary of the local fire station for many years. I am still a member but because my wife is disabled I had to give up actual firefighting.

      I enjoyed reading your thoughts on writing poetry and examples of your poems. Good hub.


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