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A Cup of Black Coffee Made by a Lover: A Poem

Updated on March 20, 2018
Halley Indonesia profile image

Halley was a teacher at a junior high school. who loves to write and always wants to learn new things about the world of authorship.

coffee and lovers
coffee and lovers | Source

A Cup of Black Coffee Made by a Lover

Every morning has been presented A cup of black coffee in the window Waiting cool for my sips.

Every morning there is a promise White and black are not divided.

Next to the color of the rainbow after the clouds.

Every morning there is a cup of coffee To energize on day trips.

Staring dreams carve hope After loose tired come for a moment I'm not saturating a cup of coffee.

The black ones I'm not tired of sipping a cup of coffee Even if it feels solid. Every cup of coffee you're serving I will not leave myself alone Bitter and sweet and fragrant you It was served through a cup of coffee for me every morning.

Every morning there is a cup of coffee with you drank it with your hands clasped you lean back to enjoy every day until the last sip.

how to enjoy coffee
how to enjoy coffee | Source

Two coffee philosophies that can be utilized

First : the coffee is known by the audience has a caffeine content that serves to give the effect of excitement when taken in the morning. in addition, coffee gives a sense of comfort for the audience.

The taste given coffee gives its own color for the audience. starting from ; how to serve, where to serve coffee, the type of coffee that has a different origin, the type of ground where it grows by giving a unique flavor. As well as the famous type of coffee around me is Luwak coffee

although the beans are taken from civet droppings and in the process. no disgust imaginable. coffee connoisseurs just looking for flavor. in other words coffee is one type of drink that has its own fans. that is, coffee is coffee and no one can change it.

Second: Coffee is often associated with its complement. cream, milk, or sugar. A philosophy we can work on is coffee will receive a complement. However, coffee will have its own identity. The flavors offered by the three complementary examples are false. Our souls must and should have a taste like coffee. meaningful to the needy. faithful to every decision. Form a unified relationship with each other.

Coffee taste we must have. Bitter and sour. However, it will be remembered for its benefits


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© 2018 Halley Kawistoro


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