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Poetry From Deep Inside a Survivor of Abuse and Pain

Updated on January 28, 2017
Renata Kell profile image

Renata has had a blessed life as a mother and wife working side by side with her husband in property management and construction

Out of the Darkness Comes a Survivor

A child born into darkness but feels nothing but light

She lives with the enemy but talks to her savior

Too small to know the difference, but wise enough to choose the voice

The voice that warns her, the voice that guides her, and the voice that will save her

Every day she battles evil, and Everyday she conquers doubt.

Every time he hurts her she grows stronger and believes a little more.

A constant voice tugging at her soul, an undeniably happy soul, full of faith and courage

A wisdom beyond her years, A strength beyond her circumstances

A believer and a survivor

God (the voice) protecting her for eternity.

What More: Than A Little Happiness

What more can a person want, fancy cars, big houses, lots of money

What more can a person find, a good job, a prestige's title, a long list of friends

What more can a person do, Climb a mountain, travel the world, meet the king

What more can a person avoid, finding love, having family, listening to God

What more can a person expect, being hurt, being abandoned, being alone

What more do we really want, how about a little happiness.

Finding the happiness that is within eliminates all other what mores

Life is full of wanting more but we often forget to find the happiness that is already in our life. Take a step back and find a little happiness today. Do it for yourself and maybe you will surprise yourself with how much you have already.

Never Say You Can't

A Women who dreams of her freedom from abuse, Say I Will

A Man bound by his anger, Say I will

A child fearing his parents, Say I will

A family owned by addiction, Say I will

A person full of regrets, Say I will

A criminal rotting with Guilt, Say I will

A nonbeliever, Say I will

A lonely soul, Say I will

A silent witness, Say I will

A prejudice onlooker, Say I will

Say I will change my life

I will leave this abuse

I will get help for my anger

I will never let my children fear me

I will break this chain of addiction

I will stop living in the past

I will work hard and do right

I will believe in the Lord

I will open my heart

I will speak my mind

I will not judge anymore

I will change my life

A Gentle Giant

One tough bad mother of a Giant

Mad at the world, full of anger, ready for a fight

Most will never approach him, his look says back off

Most will never know him, he keeps all at arm's length

He will scare you, he will push you, he will anger you.

He would never hurt you, he would never let you down, he would protect you until the end.

He carries his baggage to himself, he has been hurt more than most, he fears more than any will ever know

He loves stronger and his heart sings louder, he is a gentle and kind soul

He wrestles his guilt and buries his emotion, he hides his pain and runs from his forgiveness

He searches for an open mind and an open heart, he loses his way and walks alone.

Until one day he looks up and finds the most amazing and unconditional love

The Lord speaks to him in a way no others can

He is A Gentle Giant, Full of Love, and Forgiveness, Compassion, and Emotion

He is no longer bound and reaches out for the first time.

He now reaches out with arms wide open for those who stayed even when others could not see.


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    • Shyron E Shenko profile image

      Shyron E Shenko 22 months ago from Texas

      Hello Renata, welcome to HubPages, I hope you will have much success here. I love your encouraging heart.

      Many Blessings and Hugs