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Poetry of all kinds

Updated on April 24, 2016

R.I.P. Little Cousin

I went to a thirteen year old funeral the other day,
so very sad
you felt the dread
You felt it just wasn't suppose to be that way.
You see it on the news and that is just what it is, news
until it comes home,
and you find ,
you never knew that pain could hurt that way.
So as I sit here and think about those that was and is,
I find myself still not knowing ,
How I feel?
I guess I just got to live
and know that one day,
this too will heal

Goodbye little cousin, you're in


The Sea (sunsets)

We do not know what lies under the sea
the loc ness, a sea monster could it be?
I fear it comes down to what you believe
Do you believe in what your eyes cannot see?
for we may never know what lies within the sea.

And speaking of what you can see,
have you noticed the beauty of the sea?
the colors, the waves, the fish, the plant
all the things created in the sea, some fish
so massive it's sometimes hard to believe.

And when the sun is setting on the sea, is
the most magnificent sight you ever want to see.

Capitian and Miquel

Written By His Mother

You were a blessing wrapped in 6 and a half pounds of honey
colored flesh
you were the best
thing I had ever smelled
ever saw
eyes wide enough to take in all angles of the room
eyes full of hope
eyes full of promise
my promise was to care for you
the name nana chose won
because daddy didn't think ANYONE
could pronounce MahKeane Khisahn
so nana chose Dontae
and although I cannot wrap my mind around the fact there will never
be a Heisman trophy for you
never be prom or a graduation for you
you will never get in trouble for bringing the car home to late
your light was a blessing
your energy was a blessing
you taught me how to love
you taught your father how to be an amazing dad
you taught Courtney that love is unconditional
im not sure how we are going to make it
but we trust that you are safe
resting with the father
covered by his grace.

Thank you.

I thought that I was in the pursuit of happiness and it almost passed me by. And even when I found you again I still was in the land of deny.

I am so very grateful that you sat on that fence and waited, until I guessed, wondered, pondered and debated.

Thank you for the way you love me, how you love me and why,,. hen I thought those feelings for a man in my life had shriveled up and died.

Thank you for the way that you spoil me and love me with all of your heart and I promise you on everything I love ,that only death will break us apart.

I thank you for the happiness you give me every second, every minute, every hour and every day. I would have never dreamed I could feel this much happiness every single day.

Thank you for allowing me to become a part of your life. I would be honored to one day soon to become your wife.

written by; Dianna Brown

for: Robert Earl Fobbs


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