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Pointless,needless deaths

Updated on November 9, 2015

Again and again

Every decade the Iraqi issue rears it's ugly head again.the people get murdered,abused till governments decide eventually to sit up and take notice.always too little too late.

Sadness escapes again.

Today in Iraq,more people needlessly died

fathers upset,all the mothers cried.

why do we suffer,allow this to rear it's ugly head

previous wars in Iraq,enough people were dead.

governments don't act,unless there's an incentive

leaders are not daft,seem to be quite perceptive.

there should not be a clause,bonus or claim

there's no need to be heartless ,take a share of the blame.

go in for humanity,not money or greed

these people homeless and starving,barely able to get a feed.

relying on handouts,charity and scraps

no way to live,they want independence perhaps.

run their own country,not worrying about insurgents

live a normal life,to make a normal statement.

be like most free countries all over the world

live free and happy,no more bullets to be hurled.

it breaks my heart,kids and babies suffer

life for these people couldn't be any tougher.

government all over,should get involved

it's the only way these problems will be resolved.

unless you know you've done your 100% best

you'll never pass life's stiffer tests.

you can genuinely say you've done your part

no country can state this,here's where we start.

help the Iraqis ,the people the, the kids

should be free to do,not to the highest bids

they need solid,dependable,trustworthy aid

governments get to grips,lives could be remade.

Brave men.


soldiers the world over cannot do right for doing wrong.they are criticised if they protect citizens and lambasted if they don't.i really feel for them,they are honourable men who put their lives on the line daily,and they get little or no thanks for it.not that they look for praise.

Keeping people safe.

Combat changes daily.

the role of the soldier is diminishing I think.countries are ever more reliant on digital technology,smart bombs etc.maybe the soldier on foot maybe a thing of the past in the future.their image on the ground may become a rarity to the eye.



brave men , one and all

go all the way,taking the fall

dying to help a culture,person or state

welcoming our soldiers through the gate.

braveness personified,trained by the best

no thought for their own welfare,saving the rest.

jump in head first,consequeces ignored

saving life after life,the enemy is floored.

Are we hypocritical.

Some people in the press and political commentaries say ,we who help war torn countries are hypocrites,quoting many years ago, when we took over countries and made them our own. Maybe theres some truth to these statements,maybe not. I'm not sure if the circumstances from 100 years ago can be compared to war now. Everything has changed on the political landscape around the world as well as individual countries politics. People claim infighting in countries increases,then civil war follows Then troops from other countries are required to keep the peace. I'm not sure if we do really big amounts of good,or inadvertently push the bad guys to do worse.

Protecting all religions and racism here.


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