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Poochie & Rascal - A Comic With A Cause!

Updated on December 6, 2012

"Prospect Gets A Pug"

Introducing a comic with a cause starring two lovable pug rescue characters...Poochie & Rascal! Poochie & Rascal are excited to bring awareness to rescue animals in an uplifting story about two cute as ever pug rescue dogs and their friends. The colorful whimsical artwork and light hearted story lines are inviting to readers.

"Pugs Helping Pugs" is the motivation behind this new comic series entitled "Poochie and Rascal." With the statistics growing in the number of abandoned or surrendered pets due largely in part to the lingering recession, the newly launched comic deals with this issue in an effort to assist and promote adoption of needy dogs.

The story takes place in the fictitious coastal town of Fairview, Florida. The introductory story is entitled "Prospect Gets A Pug." A new high school, Prospect High, has opened and ideasare sought from the students about a school mascot. Lexi Frace, one of the students, and her family adopt two pug rescues who are brothers, Poochie and Rascal. Lexi thinks that her new pug Poochie would make a great mascot. She pitches her idea to the other main student characters, Sierra Stone, Andrew Bonn and Jacob Roth. Her friends love the idea and it is pitched to the rest of the students. The vote is in and Poochie wins overwhelmingly. Prospect High School is now "The Prospect Pugs."

Rascal, Poochie's brother, is a little jealous of all the attention and fame his brother is getting. He decides to grow a mohawk to show his rebellion towards the decision to use Poochie over himself as mascot.

In ensuing stories, Rascal tries to thwart the efforts of the students in their fundraising efforts. His hilarious attempts always wind up making their fundraisers more profitable and serves as a moral reminder that good does prevail. Follow the link below to read the comic.

The second story "The Cupcake Caper" and the third story "Bark For The Band" are also published on my Hub site.


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