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Positively Resisting

Updated on April 23, 2013

Eyes closed. Hope absent.
Thoughts that surface only torment
Loneliness on my mind consumes
Making me feel like darkness looms
Can the negativity be true?
At this point I have no clue
Is it easier to assume the worst?
Why believe you must be cursed?
Optimism becomes hard to find
Searching through a clouded mind
Clarity now must be ahead
Answers to my mind soon shed
Waiting for the storm to pass
Fighting not to be in the mass
Finding comfort in a lie
To hold me back so I don’t cry
Now it seems there is hope in sight
The illusion revealed of false plight
Why worry about the unreal
Is it that I need sorrow to feel?
Perhaps this is how I define life
This is why I may lose my wife
I understand the way I can be
Only now have I eyes that see
Exude negative and that’s what you get
This is how my fate was met
Too late to change and make it good?
Either way make effort I should
New direction I have taken
All my beliefs are now shaken

© 2013 Eric Niehoff


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