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Positivity When Things are Not Under my Control!

Updated on May 8, 2013

Thinking positively is not something that comes easy for all of us, but once it’s mastered we open ourselves up to endless possibilities.

In life, what we speak becomes manifested. If we profess negative things then that is what we will receive. If we profess positive things then that is what we will receive. Naturally, things will not always go according to plan or the way we feel they should go, but the mind set of an individual will affect what they receive.

I have recently encountered a situation that was out of my control and this situation could have possibly jeopardized my school career. For a moment, naturally I was upset at myself for allowing this situation to occur when it could have easily been prevented.

I was thinking negatively about all of the bad things that would have happened if this certain situation would have fallen through. I wanted so badly to go back to the past, and fix the situation but obviously I couldn’t. My schooling was so important to me that I didn’t want anything to stand in my way.

After moments of pointlessly beating myself up, I decided that it was doing no good and that the situation could be fixed. Beginning to think positively, I contacted the person who could help me with this situation through email and then I decided to leave the situation alone.

There was nothing more that I could do besides wait patiently to see what would happen.

Throughout the day, I said nothing about the event and tried to make myself as happy as possible so that I could stay positive. Of course, I still thought about the situation and I was nervous, I just didn’t allow myself to dwell in negativity.


I have found that when I dwell in negativity, that’s all I get, negative things left and right. Being sad, all I got was sadness; being angry, I just got angrier. No matter how I tried to enjoy myself, the situation never changed because of the fact that I didn’t allow whatever it was to stop making me sad or angry.

When I was finally able to forget about the past and look forward, I got an email stating I did not have to worry. I even got an A in the class which made the situation even better.

The one thing I will no longer do is dwell on the things over which I have no control. It is so destructive to be so caught up in the past or the future that the things that need to be handled currently cannot even be focused on.

It is very difficult to remain in the present rather than drifting back into the past or floating off into the future. Once we learn to be here right now we open ourselves up to amazing opportunities.

Thank you for reading, and I truly hope you were able to take something positive away from this message.

KySmith =)


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    • KySmith profile image

      Kyndall Smith 4 years ago from Milwaukee

      Thank you for reading and commenting! =)

    • profile image

      OLDNAVY 4 years ago

      Great article. Positive thinking is the key to all negative situations.

    • KySmith profile image

      Kyndall Smith 4 years ago from Milwaukee

      Thanks! I am really glad that my poems can touch even just one person. This means a lot to me!

    • passionate77 profile image

      passionate77 4 years ago

      again very very nice extremely to the point and well written hub. i my self too feel caught up in some bad and destructive thoughts and feel my self so so depressed that can't pay attention to the things that should be handled currently. it gives the true idea how to stay focused and calm under some unexpected and out of control situations, nice sharing! again i bookmarked it to read and remind me how to deal with such conditions.