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Posses your Possesion

Updated on May 30, 2016

I feel reluctant about going to most of these new generation churches because of the way most pastors tax people in the name of church. And most of you will agree with me that it's purely business these days though by their fruit we shall know them. We know real men of God when we see them so that was why i agreed to attend the program in their church. It was tagged Posses your possession.

The Man of God to me is a radical pastor because he hits the nail right on the head, his preaching was supersonic. In fact, teaching not preaching. After a long teaching, he began mentioning prayer points. The first prayer point was financial break through, i have really seen people pray but on this day, i thought that heaven will fall as men and women stood chanting... Some were even speaking in tongues.

After each prayer point and subsequent prayer section, the congregation will sit down then the Man of God will teach about that particular issue then at the mention of the next point, all legs will be standing. 'Anyone plotting to kill me, die by fire'. All legs and mouths once again began to chant. Then prayer for oversea trip saw the highest chanting, i became tired somehow because i am not used to supersonic vibration during prayer then the next prayer point left me in awe. ANYONE SEEKING FOR LIFE PARTNER STAND AND CLAIM YOUR POSSESSION.

I didn't stand because i am married and my wife was sitting next to me but to my surprise, almost half of the women in the church stood and began chanting and chanting and claiming and binding and possessing. When it was eventually called a day and we were leaving, i realized that there were a good number of bachelors in attendance so i began to wonder why none of them stood to claim a life partner.

One guy told me that Men do not go to church and chant to get a wife rather only women do that.


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