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Post Coronavirus Effect #2

Updated on June 2, 2020

It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...

Plaited Hair
Plaited Hair | Source

As if they were just starting

To date themselves, seeing each

Other’s face and laughing hilariously

After they finished their conversation

She started thinking about him

So the libido of her hubby too has

Been high for sometimes now,

As hers where she is

And he has nowhere to

Turn to, to cool himself off.

I have cheated on my husband

She soliloquizes I lost it, I

Failed to put my “vessels” under

Control, they (my vessels) have controlled

Me today, she started sobbing.

I lost it, I lost it. Hitting the table hard

History of her Marriage

She has been brought up

By parents who could not finish

From high school and when

They gave birth to their children

They have told them that

No hunter pursues two rats

At once and will not lose out,

You cannot pursue two things

At once, they have told

Them and to make it academically

To attain heights that they cannot

Attain they have told them that

They need to be careful with

Opposite sex while interacting with

Them so that they will not

Truncate their progress academically

And since this has become a

Chorus at their house all of

Them hardly relate with opposite

Sex, and those they interact with

When their relationship seem to

Be getting deeper, they would

Severe the relationship because they

Want to break the yoke of failure

The supposed curse-like phenomena

On their family they want to

Break. With this in her heart

She grew until she graduated

From the institution even after

Graduation she hardly mixes with

Opposite sex thus, she could

Not be married early. She has


Even brushed aside marriage but

When people started talking to her

For she has lost her parents when

It was a session for her to graduate

At the institution. Then she started

Trying to be social, to mix

With opposite sex, yet she

Could not find anyone serious

Enough for her among all she

Has been dealing with. Then she was

Introduced to this man who lives

In another state. She likes the man

On seeing him and they

Would not waste time to

Solemnize their relationship. Ten

Years have passed since they become

Husband and wife but they

Are yet to have children before

The outbreak of the pandemic

She has been trying to transfer

Her services to her country

To the state that her husband lives

In as the medical personnel have

Advised that coitus should be continuous

And uninterrupted if they wish for

Something positive to happen soon.

She has however been unable to

Complete with the transfer process

Because she has to switch with

Somebody from the state where

Her husband lives who wishes to

Transfer her or his services to where

She is working. This person must

Equally be in the same status as her

This is what has been causing the

Delay in finalizing the transfer and

She cannot resign from her

Work because jobs are not

Easy to come by in the country.

However, on the interim, she used

To go to where her husband lives

Every month, she will spend

Two weeks at her station and would

Take two weeks off.

The week that she returns to

Her base was when the medical

Personnel confirmed a person who

Has contracted Coronavirus in her

State and by the weekend the

Situation has turned to another thing

And the states have been locked down

She could not travel back to where

Love is before the lockdown

Announcement. People have been thinking

That the lockdown would not be protracted

But they were all mistaken as the

Inability of the researchers, pharmacists,

Yea the world health governing bodies

To find substantive drugs for the

Treatment, neither vaccines for prevention has made

World Health Organization (W.H.O.) to

Continue to suggest in the strongest

Possible terms to all countries globally

That they should “Stay Safe”

By staying where individual persons

Reside and limit traveling as best

As possible. In this position she finds

Herself and of late her libido has been

Disturbing her. She has been checking

Herself from this until this day

That she cannot control herself

Again and lost it to the hands of the

Man who lives in a room of

The three-bedroom flat that

They have jointly contributed money

To rent because of the high cost

Of accommodation in the state she

Lives in. what has happened has

Happened but she vowed that such would

Not repeat itself again, even if the lockdown

Will take the whole year, she

Would maintain herself. But by the

Following month she discovers changes

In her body and when she did the

Pregnancy test she has taken in.

She has for the past years been

Seeking for this and now that

This has happened what will she do?

Because she knows the pregnancy was

Not her husband’s it is outside the wedlock

Would she terminate this? She repeatedly

Thought about this and resolved not

To terminate the pregnancy. When she called

Her hubby to tell him that she

Has taken in, he was happy

For the development. When the lockdown

Was eased, she traveled to her husband

And they celebrated it together. However,

The man recalls when she left him

And has been counting when she will

Put to bed, but he was mistaken

Because she did not put to bed

After the tenth month, then he reasoned

That something is wrong.

And when he presented it to her

She started crying and narrated

The incident to him. He was downcasted

On hearing what happened

Telling her she should have told

Him he is not responsible for the pregnancy

All this while and he would have

Limited his joy. The shock is much

For me to bear and he asks

Her for a separation because seeing

Her would make things worse and

He does not want to do anything stupid.

On this they got separated,

“I cannot terminate the pregnancy

She keeps telling herself

It is better I be separated from him….



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