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A New Way to Make Money Online - a Review of PostLoop

Updated on July 31, 2017
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Lena Kovadlo is a writer for various content sharing websites. She's an author of 10 books and helps other authors publish their books.

PostLoop Review
PostLoop Review | Source

I am always looking for new ways to make money online. One day I was searching for new websites to try out and stumbled upon a site called PostLoop (

PostLoop lets people earn some extra income online and in a few different ways. One is through referrals and second is by commenting/posting on blogs and forums.

That seemed like a great and interesting way to earn some extra money so I decided to try it out. I wanted to share with you my experience with the site and what I have learned. Hope you will find my information useful...

What you need to do before you can start earning...

Before being able to start earning anything there were a few things that you have to do. You first have to join the PostLoop website (which is free), then join the PostLoop Portal site (again free), link the two together, and submit at least ten quality posts to the PostLoop Portal site for approval.

After I joined, I submitted my ten posts, plus an extra three. The problem was that they didn't really specify what a quality post is and what the requirements are. In my posts I asked questions and also offered some information related to the questions. Not sure if I was supposed to do that but since it was like a forum thread I thought that is what had to be done.

After I submitted my posts, plus the extra three ones, they were under review and I was waiting to hear back from them if I was approved or not. Shortly after I got a notification that I got approved. That was great news. Being approved meant that I was now eligible to start earning. I was ready to get involved with the website and do what I had to do to potential make some money online. That meant joining blogs and forums and being active there. And I set out to do just that...

Earning on PostLoop by posting/commenting on forums and blogs

One way to earn money on PostLoop is by commenting and/or posting on blogs and forums. When you make posts on forums or comment on blogs you will earn points that you will later be able to redeem for actual money. The higher your rating turns out to be the more points you will earn.

Before you can start posting/commenting on forums and blogs you have to join them first. But where do you actually find blogs and forums to join?

PostLoop has a list of blogs and forums listed on their site. You have to join any of them by creating accounts there. Then you have to link those accounts to your PostLoop account by hitting the subscribe button next to those forums or blogs that appear in the list. After you do that you have to go and leave comments or submit posts on those sites and for that you will earn points, which you will then turn into real money when make a withdrawal.

This seems easy enough to do, however, finding something to join that you actually want to join and are in fact able to join can be a problem. At least that is the case from my own personal experience. So far, I am unable to join anything and here is why.

When you get approved you are given a rating, and when you look at forums or blogs to join, next to each one there is a minimum rating requirement you need to meet in order to be able to join. If your rating is lower than what their minimum is you can't join that forum or blog. Many of the blogs or forums require a minimum rating of 4; some require an even higher rating than that. So far, I've not found a single forum or blog that I want to join that I can actually join because my rating is 3.9.

I am not really sure why I was given a rating of 3.9 but this is what I was told after my trial posts were reviewed. My posts were good and had proper English, etc. but I posted too many threads. I was told I needed at least ten for approval and so that's what I did. And I posted them one after the other, since I wanted to get it over with. Maybe that is what caused the lower rating. And maybe it's also because I started ten threads instead of commenting on existing threads. I had no idea that simply replying to already existing threads instead of creating all new threads would have counted as they didn't make that clear in their rules/requirements.

Not being able to join the blogs or forums that I actually want to join made me give up on the site for the time being! Sure there are some blogs and forums that I can join but I don't want to join something that I have no interest in. So, for now I sit without being active and not making anything.

I have to go back there from time to time and see if anything new will pop up there that is worth joining. I don't want to take a part in something I won't be active in. I hope something pops up soon because I really want to try it out and see how much I will be able to earn, if anything.

Earning on PostLoop by referring people to the site...

Referrals is another way to earn on PostLoop. All you have to do is tell people about PostLoop and have them join the site via a referral link that is given to you. When they join the site via your referral link you will receive 20% of all the points they earn. It seems though that you won't earn anything by just having them sign up to PostLoop. I think they actually have to post and comment on blogs and forums for you to earn anything, which is a bit of a downer.

You can get lots of people to sign up to PostLoop but whether they will actually join any blogs or forums and be active there is beyond your control. The reality is that not everyone will find something they like and think is worth joining. And you can't make them join blogs or forums and be active on there if they don't want to. If that will be the case the referrals will prove to be useless but it is still worth a shot. At some point they may find something they want to join and start commenting and posting on there and you will start accumulating points, which you will later be able to redeem for actual money.

How to redeem your earned points for money...

In order to be able to redeem your earned points for money (make a withdrawal) you need to have earned a minimum of 100 points, which is an equivalent of $5 since the withdrawal rate is five cents per point. To cash out your point you have to click on the Deposit/Withdraw link on the left side of the My Account page. There you will see how many points you've earned and if it is enough to make a withdrawal.

Keep in mind that even if you have the minimum number of points in your account that doesn't mean you will be able to make a withdrawal and here is why.

For you to be eligible to make a withdrawal your user rating has to be higher than the average user rating. They will tell you what your user rating is and what the average user rating is so you will know if you are eligible to make the withdrawal.

Unfortunately, I can't yet tell you how the withdrawal process actually works and how you get your money because I don't have enough points yet to be able to cash out. I will update this article with that information once I accumulate enough points.

While PostLoop has its pluses and minuses I think it is still worth joining. It is an interesting way to make money online and it wouldn't hurt to try it out.

More About PostLoop...

PostLoop is like a blog and forum exchange. The site offers people to submit their own forums or blogs to the site, which can help bring their sites more traffic. So if you have a blog or a forum that you want to have more activity in you can use PostLoop for that as well.

To submit your website to PostLoop you have to download blog or forum software to your computer and then upload a php file to your website. That is all I know at the moment as I did not look into this further. I was more interested in participating in existing blogs and forums, and earning some extra money, than in submitting mine to the site.

© 2015 Lena Kovadlo


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