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Pot Luck.

Updated on May 28, 2022
MFB III profile image

Artist, actor, poet, teacher, songwriter & actor with 4,000 poems & almost 1,000 songs written, performed recorded & published on line.

Rage sets the stage for the final page of a once true love.

Two tales of woe and the justified outcomes

Pot Luck

They didn't need
any evidence, 
They found plenty 
of DNA which 
should spell out:
Do Not Acquit."
they also had 
the empty
40 proof bottle
and a brand new
skillet purchased 
at Wal-mart 
Their trembling,
wailing two year old
hiding beneath
her bed under a blanket,
and her mom lay 
cold stone
dead in the kitchen
lying near a 
bloodied skillet,
with her head
stoved in.

Dad was
long gone, 
with their bank 
account emptied,
and the family 
vehicle missing,
They caught
him at a Motel 6,
where the sign had been 
vandalized by
teens to read,
Motel 666
which was an 
appropriate place to stay
for such a
despicable beast.
He was handcuffed
and later forced
to face the hellish 
acts he had committed.

The judge 
ordered him 
to be executed, 
on 6/6/06 because
he just could 
not ignore the
irony of it all.
and so the die
was cast
and the father 
became fodder
in his grave.

Mother Nature's Revenge.

The black bird waited 
outside her window, 
each day at dawn, 
pecking hard on the glass,
rattling her panes,
and screeching loudly.
Its green-blue eyes 
glaring inward, 
as she scrambled to dress
and free herself 
from its daily attacks.
It had built a nest 
up in her backyard tree,
just above the spot where
where she had buried her
newborn, unwanted child
just two weeks before,
and ever since it 
had plagued her.

She scribbled a 
quick note to the police
a week later,
And handed it to 
a traffic cop
on her way to the 
Greyhound bus station.

They stopped her bus
somewhere south
of Boise, Idaho
and took her
to a small cell
on charges of
murder one.

She was tried 
and found guilty, 
and when at last 
she was settled
in the cell she 
would occupy for life,
she breathed a 
sigh of relief,
to be free
of the guilt
that was eating
her very soul.

But the next morning 
that bird was back
tapping on the thick glass
that sat behind the bars
on her north wall window,

Quite suddenly the sheets
were looking like a way out,
as she sat twisting them
into some semblance of a rope.

© 2010 Matthew Frederick Blowers III


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