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Prabhjot Bedi | Short Story| Athēnâ the merciful

Updated on September 1, 2009
they say the eyes are the windows to the soul by Robert S. Donovan
they say the eyes are the windows to the soul by Robert S. Donovan

The car was brand new.  The gleaming silver, the pink ribbon, the black shinning tyres, one could smell the pride of the owner.

I was parked in the parking lot (what else do you do in a parking lot) and looking around.  Amidst the banged up, dirty, sticker ridden cars around her, she was a vision.  A silver mercedes, every bit as beautiful and magnificent as the gene pool it belonged to, this one seemed to call out to me.  Like a smile playing on its lips, the grill was mischievous and the eyes definitely wanted me to engage.

Looking away I realized I was only looking if anyone saw me desiring, nay coveting another's loved one. The number plate read 'temp'. Nah this was permanent, for keeps.  This was destiny.  what else could I be doing parked out here.  I never park here.  I am always parking at the north end.  Today, I was meant to meet her...

She remained coy. I inched closer, still in my car and watching her withdraw I knew she was apprehensive about my vehicle.  I got out.  Only later would I realize, I was getting out for good.  For once you have surrendered your heart to someone, how can you go back to what you thought was love.  Can you ever be happy with something, knowing you have seen, met the one you desired for eternity?

I touched her. She seemed to hesitate.  Should she sound the alarm? The merc was merciful.  Maybe she still hadn't met her owner, maybe she was on her way, maybe just like me she knew this was destiny.

I think my heart was louder than any alarm could ever get.  There I was now resting a shivering palm on her bosom and the comfort, the sheer calm enveloping me could only come from true love.  I was at once pained and relieved to find out what a parched set of lips would do for a drink of nector. I kissed her nape.

Looking in, I could peek at her true beauty.  The mahogany interiors, the cream hand woven upholstery, the impeccable dashboard. I could only take so much to stop myself from popping the hood and taking a real look inside.  That could wait, that demanded a right I did not have.  I was going to be true to her and to show her I was worthy of her. I confronted the owner who seemed to be making a face at me. 

- Hi. Ccould YOU step away from the car please.

- what's her name?

- what?

- the car's name

he gave me a harder look. Like a person looking at a mosquito trying to get out from a glass window. The mosquitoes don't think its funny.

- I want to buy her from you, I thundered. 

He squinted his eyes.  This mosquito isn't fun anymore his eyes said.

-dude. You can buy another one just like this one from the dealer. I'll give you the contact number. I'm is a rush and you need to step away from the car. Were you just kissing it?

how will he look after her when it doesn't even make his blood boil, watching me kiss her. 

-her name is Athēnâ and I am taking her from you as you don't deserve her.

As I said these words, Athēnâ opened her boot as silently as her hydraulics would allow.  I groped around and found what I was looking for. The wench.

I asked the man to keep away and let me take her.  she loves me man, and I love her...

Really? Ok then, here's what we will do crazy boy.  if IT really loves you, then my key wouldn't work would it.  

he clicked. nothing. 

He pointed at the car and clicked, nothing. 

He cursed at the car and clicked. 


You don't  go around calling my baby names without the consequences.  I didn't even need the key.  when you love someone, when she knows you are the truth of all she will ever know, when she knows that you pain in her longing as she does for you,very she will open up to you. 

we drove off to a life of travelling and loving, stopping only when Athēnâ & Iwere hungry.  

The new highway stops have something for everybody.


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