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The Rio Olympic Athlete: Praise in Haiku Format

Updated on February 2, 2018
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Cynthia - a freelance writer and amateur photographer believing in the power of words, the magic of storytelling in poetry, prose or photos.

Olympic Ice Hockey is huge at the Sochi Games.
Olympic Ice Hockey is huge at the Sochi Games. | Source

The Haiku format of poetry iis the expression of an idea or thoughts in the purist, most concise form possible, arranging 17 syllables in 5-7-5 verse. It is often a difficult feat to accomplish when we are so used to being bombarded with words to fully get our point across. Haiku represents nearly pinnacle of brevity.

Olympic athletes are the purist expression of the drive for excellence in a sport. The strive for excellence never stops. Athletes sacrificed and competed for years for the opportunity to go to the Sochi Olympic Games and are gearing up for the 2016 games in Rio.

When does the athlete decide they will give as much as they can give to reach the level of performance not reached by others? What determines the "extra" that sets them apart?

This is an attempt to capture that purism and drive in haiku format. The verses are expressions of admiration for the aspirations of the Olympic athlete, and their supporters, including their family and fans. This writing can never match their sacrifice, nor do the verses cover every sport. It is just a small representation of their tenacity and their heart. Whether they win the gold or not, they embody an unstoppable strength and spirit of competition.


Olympic Athlete Win or Lose

Decision to compete.

Devotion to the goal,

Unrelenting quest.

They are the elite,

Symbols of perseverance,

Redemption, winning!

The Runner

The finish in sight

Each stride, every grimace,

Closer to glory.


Legs churning water,

Arms pumping, crowds alive with

Deafening screams - swim!


True love of the games

Deserve fame and glory.

No shame giving all.

Training starts early for the gymnast.
Training starts early for the gymnast.
Atlanta Olympic  1996 crowd at Track and Field.
Atlanta Olympic 1996 crowd at Track and Field. | Source

The Gymnast

The form, the grace

The strength, the guts,

Consummate athlete.

Olympic Spectator

Stolen minds, hearts, souls.

Crowd's desire also carries

Olympic spirit.

If you would like to read more about Olympic activities, read my hub on Olympic pin trading:

© 2012 Cynthia B Turner


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